Free Work Order Templates

Download free work order templates below for both Excel and Word. Simply find the template that works best for your use case. Whether you need a maintenance work order, repair work order, service work order, or an automotive work order, we have a free template that's right for you.  

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Maintenance Work Order Template

Maintenance Work Orders

Our downloadable maintenance work order template is ideal for jobs that have both parts and labor involved or only one of the two.

Easily adjust hours worked, rate per hour, part quantities, part costs, and taxes to fully calculate estimated or final project costs. 

This work order focuses on the maintenance industry and can be used for anything from simple maintenance actions to full reactive or preventive maintenance projects.

This is also the perfect work order template for maintenance professionals who have repeat work orders and don't want to consistently fill out work orders by hand.

Service Work Order Template

Service Work Orders

Our free service work order template is ideal for service professionals who need to charge for both materials and labor on any work orders requested of them. There is space for the work description directly in the work order template itself, as well as the ability to have the work order authorized before work begins on the order.

Our service template is easy to use to generate a work order. Simply enter the client's information, order information, description of work, and hours and parts required.

All costs for the work order are calculated automatically at the bottom of the sheet. Just enter the tax rate of your area to finalize.

Automotive/Fleet Work Order Template

Automotive Work Orders

This automotive work order template is for regular fleet maintenance and vehicle maintenance operations performed during routine automotive maintenance. 

From oil changes, to paint jobs, to battery replacements, this work order makes the scope of work performed easy to understand by both clients and technicians.

This work order differs from the rest, as specific part numbers can be applied to each part used during the maintenance process.

The cost of the part can be actual cost, or your technician can apply a margin to each part.

Repair Work Order Template

Repair Work Order

Our downloadable repair work order template makes it easy to build and print quick work orders for repairs at any location. Complete with a permission-to-enter requirement, this work order template can be used for onsite and offsite repair requests regardless of location.

Easily edit this template to fit your needs. Just enter the work order name, your company logo, and company address, and you are ready to start billing for repairs.

The full description field for the type of work to be provided allows any repair technician to get specific about what work needs to be done, or was completed, within the scope of the work order.

Full Template Pack (All Work Order Templates)

All Work Order Templates

Can't decide which work order template is best for you?

Download all of these work order templates as well as additional ones completely free using this link.

Regardless of what the purpose of your work order is, these fillable, printable, shareable work orders are easy to use and edit for a variety of purposes.

Download the entire pack now and provide your team with a suite of different work orders today.

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